Stories shared on slow summer afternoons by my grandmother, which would carefully unfold layers of memories, offering peeks into worlds that came before me. Her stories became an archaeological site to me, I would walk around on this site of memories and keep finding objects tracing the unique design of certain jewellery by a certain goldsmith, an heirloom dearly carved in Delhi and gifted in Lahore, familiar footsteps which anticipated a known arrival- these smells, sounds, trinkets transformed into sites of nostalgia. I inherit these memories and with slow care, unearth that which makes me.

At Inaayat, we revive and replenish these relics of those worlds- water new roots on ancient soils. We re-imagine bygone worlds through bells faintly tinkling, bangles forged in fire, an old piece of jewel dusted out of decay. Inaayat's Mirror Collection is an ode to inherited memory and history that repeats itself- not lost.


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