जंगल जंगल ढूंढ रहा है मृग अपनी कस्तूरी को,
कितना मुश्किल है तय करना खुद से खुद की दुरी को 

Mira Bai brewed a revolution, of love. A 16th-century poet-saint at odds with her times, she roamed the streets with abundance and sought her flighty 'Dark One', subverting a rusty code of honour. Tuned to the tones of rebellion, her poems allow for no limits of lawful desires, no bodies perverted into quiet acceptance. Like an intoxicated deer in search of the sweet-smelling Kasturi that lay hid in its own navel, Mira found her freedom within her own selfhood. A discarded veil, selfhood proclaimed, a play of desires defiantly made public - these are the stories of Mira which inspires ours.


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