Stories shared on slow summer afternoons by my grandmother, which would carefully unfold layers of memories, offering peeks into worlds that came before me. Her stories became an archaeological site to me, I would walk around on this site of memories and keep finding objects tracing the unique design of certain jewellery by a certain goldsmith, an heirloom dearly carved in Delhi and gifted in Lahore, familiar footsteps which anticipated a known arrival- these smells, sounds, trinkets transformed into sites of nostalgia. I inherit these memories and with slow care, unearth that which makes me.

At Inaayat, we revive and replenish these relics of those worlds- water new roots on ancient soils. We re-imagine bygone worlds through bells faintly tinkling, bangles forged in fire, an old piece of jewel dusted out of decay. Inaayat's Mirror Collection is an ode to inherited memory and history that repeats itself- not lost.

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जंगल जंगल ढूंढ रहा है मृग अपनी कस्तूरी को,
कितना मुश्किल है तय करना खुद से खुद की दुरी को 

Mira Bai brewed a revolution, of love. A 16th-century poet-saint at odds with her times, she roamed the streets with abundance and sought her flighty 'Dark One', subverting a rusty code of honour. Tuned to the tones of rebellion, her poems allow for no limits of lawful desires, no bodies perverted into quiet acceptance. Like an intoxicated deer in search of the sweet-smelling Kasturi that lay hid in its own navel, Mira found her freedom within her own selfhood. A discarded veil, selfhood proclaimed, a play of desires defiantly made public - these are the stories of Mira which inspires ours.

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Nose Rings

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Restored Vintage

Inaayat hopes to discern and trace the quiet soul in the material. As a jewellery brand, there is an abundance of history we engage with- each Kada, Brooch, every Chaandbaali, Nath, carries with it a legacy and a story. Lifted by this heirloom, we glean vintage pieces from across the globe and restore their embedded cultures through a modern lens. We calibrate this work along the lines of personal and collective history. With each step of our restoration process, the pieces are imbued with notes of plurality and preservation. With our pieces, we hope to restore and replenish instead of simply replacing . 

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Glimpses of the ethereal, carved onto moonstones - of calming rest, of simple elegance, of quiet beauty.

To sleep is to carve a simple way to restfulness. To sleep is to imagine the unimagined, tenderly in dreams. Tune in to the world around us, and all we hear is the constant hum of machines -people working tirelessly. To work mechanically and without rest is deemed the ultimate trait, a win that must be publicized. Social media bursts at its seams with proud assertions of "the daily grind" and the "hustle culture". To express tiredness is a sign of weakness and to be brushed under the carpet. 

In such a setting, we bring to you a collection centred on sleep, rest and lofty dreams they bring. It is deliberate and rooted in slow living - a few moments away from the demands of the world.

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