Glimpses of the ethereal, carved onto moonstones - of calming rest, of simple elegance, of quiet beauty.

To sleep is to carve a simple way to restfulness. To sleep is to imagine the unimagined, tenderly in dreams. Tune in to the world around us, and all we hear is the constant hum of machines -people working tirelessly. To work mechanically and without rest is deemed the ultimate trait, a win that must be publicized. Social media bursts at its seams with proud assertions of "the daily grind" and the "hustle culture". To express tiredness is a sign of weakness and to be brushed under the carpet. 

In such a setting, we bring to you a collection centred on sleep, rest and lofty dreams they bring. It is deliberate and rooted in slow living - a few moments away from the demands of the world.


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